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BJDW 2019 | Your Case My Case Beijing Design Week 2019

​Your Case My Case

Thirteen suitcases with a maximum of 23 kilograms, packed by designers. Filled with objects that give insight in their way of working. Objects to be used in discussions on the role and practice of a designer. Objects to be used in the exchange of views between designers working in different cultures. Objects to be selected to carry those discussions and exchanges into this publication.

Your Case My Case is initiated and executed by the Embassy of the Netherlands in China. The publication presented at MU visual art space at the Dutch Design Week 2019 by Bart Hofstede (Head of Culture ad Counsellor of the Embassy of The Netherlands Beijing) and moderated by Angelique Spaninks, director of MU, is the result of the talks and workshops in Beijing in September 2019.

For the project architect Bao Wei and myself were connected to each other, viewing each others suitcase. Starting a dialogue.

Workshop participants:

Nadine Sterk + Weng Xinyu, Frank Havermans + Bao Wei, Justus Briuns en Mingus Vogel, Hu Xueqin, Gerald van der Kaap + Lulu Li, Tara Karpinski + Julien McHardy and Annemarie Piscaer, Iris de Kievith + Yan Wang, Marthijn Pool + Zang Feng.

Introduction by Wim Geerts, Ambassador of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Nethelands to China, Beijing, October 2019:

Your Case My Case takes objects as a starting point for passionate discussions about design processes, and about cross-cultural differences and similarities. Obviously, the magnitude of these questions exceeds the format of a series of workshops. The mysteries of cross-cultural collaboration stayed partly hidden. Nevertheless, the talks that took place in various locations in Beijing tin September 2019 immediately generated a number of surprising conclusions. This publication lays them down. Not as definitive, scientific results, but in the same spirit as the workshops: a discursive means to an end.

This end has been and stays the same, over the years: connecting Chinese and Dutch designers, with the aim to learn from each other. Design often makes the difference, this truth has been proven sufficiently. That is why we believe that discussions about how we work help us to enhance both Chinese and Dutch design.

spread suitcase Frank Havermans

introduction on the working environment of the participants and their mindset on design, and working in China


first spread Bao Wei + Frank Havermans

second spread Bao Wei + Frank Havermans