Opening August 17
Schunck*, Heerlen

Opening Thursday 17 August 2017 at 6 pm


Never before has the exterior of SCHUNCK* Glaspaleis undergone quite so a radical metamorphosis. Artist Frank Havermans (b.Breda, 1967) was set the challenge and he has designed a work of art to adorn its south-facing facade (Pancratiusplein). His creation draws inspiration from Heerlen’s industrial past.

Havermans is well-known for his mainly futuristic, often bewildering structures which, quite literally, transform the streetscape. Passers-by will experience the building and the public spaces around them in a different light and reflect on the identity of the city. The architectural installations created by Havermans, displayed worldwide, all bear the name KAPKAR. TOFUD is the collective name for his studies / models of the urban landscape.


Entitled KAPKARTOFUD # NOORDVITRINE, Frank Havermans will be simultaneously presenting a second new installation in the 30-metre-long store window of SCHUNCK* Glaspaleis. It is composed of three large elements which have been constructed from fragments taken from earlier installations on which and against which models are displayed. As a result of the process, these models - literally Havermans’ three-dimensional blueprints - take on an autonomous status. This landscape of models is suggestive of how architecture might otherwise be practised. An architectural dialect which - parallel to refined language - envisages a richer style of construction.

18 August to 12 November 2017

KAPKAR / ZUIDMUUR: design by Frank Havermans, built by Frank Havermans and Koos Schaart

KAPKAR / NOORDVITRINE design by Frank Havermans and Karin van Pinxteren, built by Stephan Valk

Invited by Lene ter Haar, curator Floor van Dijk

Graphic design: Studio Noto

Four exhibitions will be opening in SCHUNCK* on Thursday 17 August 2017 at 6 pm:

• Doll’s House (central foyer)

• Randland (-1)

• Being Close, Marius Packbier (-1)

• KAPKAR, Frank Havermans (store window/south facade)

KAPKAR / Zuidmuur & KAPKARTOFUD # Noordvitrine /// Frank Havermans in Heerlen from SCHUNCK* communicatie on Vimeo.

Schunck* Zuidmuur

Schunck* Noordvitrine

measuring at Schunck*

construction with Koos Schaart

building KAPKARTOFUD # Noordvitrine

Construction Model

detail model KAPKAR/ ZUIDMUUR