light beacon
Stephenson viaduct

Pleasant moments at the windy and a bit rainy opening of my new installation in Leeuwarden last wednesday (24 January 2018) where culture alderman Sjoerd Feitsma and me switched on the light for the first time. From now on this beacon will be lit every night. Thanks to the municipality of Leeuwarden who entrusted me with this commission years ago. So happy that it’s finished and delivered now.

The installation is a permanent public light sculpture that I just finished and delivered in commission of this municipality that this year is the northern Cultural Capital of Europe. The metal sculpture completes drastic infrastructural works in the city. It sits on an extended sheet piling construction that functions as a plinth next to the refurbished Stephenson viaduct that crosses the rail track and the new west main approach road. The shape of the sculpture is a transformed mixture of old viaduct drawings and a research on the name holder of the bridge, the famous British engineer and inventor George Stephenson who for example was the inventor of a safe mine lamp. For this reason the sculpture became a light beacon.

client: City of Leeuwarden

advisor: Stichting Keunstwurk, Margaretha Cats

production: with Koos Schaart

construction: Helldorfer Lasbedrijf en Scheepsbouw

first light by culture alderman Sjoerd Feitsma

Construction Model

conclusion model

conclusion model

design model

design model

selection of models series 2

selection of models series 1