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Sarajevo Bosnia

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DAYS OF ARCHITECTURE 2018: ‘Space of Freedom’


The networked globalized and consumerist world has consolidated its rules of the game. Limits of the acceptable and the expected are defined. Fighting for control over all significant systems is in progress. Culture, and thus architecture, is wrapped up with set expectations and established paradigms. We are ever less researchers, and ever more cultivators of existing relationships. Utopias and jumping into the unknown are no longer fashionable. The tendency of fitting in and determining the known is evident. We are being pulled by the gravity of the comfort zone, a completely controlled environment which Idis Turato named “Continuous Interior” at Days of Architecture 2017.
Are innovations beyond our reach? Are we just users and followers? Are we afraid of ourselves, our own ideas or failures? Have we adopted all the rules of the game? Sarajevo, on the bridge or above the chasm between the west and the east, is an interesting place to recognize the increasingly closed logic of both worlds. A place that has not yet been completely controlled, in which different scenarios are possible. A place where we can imagine some other future. A city waiting for a new authentic culture to be created out of a genuine need.

This year in May, on the Days of Architecture in Sarajevo, we are interested in advanced architectural researches, offset positions, the acceptance of the unembellished reality, resistance towards excessive control, playing with common practices, architecture that does not preserve its expert position, but is contaminated with other processes. We are attracted by the open logic of space, its unpredictable future, places that change along with life inside them, that are constantly reacting to their context, the structures that are emerging and growing together with people. We are looking for articulated attitudes that do not feel comfortable in the known. We are imagining cracks in the routine, digging up the “Space of Freedom”…


Dinko Peračič - curator DA2018




Matthew James, Max čelar - Scanlab Projects

Habibeh Madjdabadi

Sevince Bayrak, Oral Goktas - SO?

Iva Letilović - Letilovic - PEDIŠIć

Christian Ambos - Franz & Sue

Anders Lonka Nis-Hansen, Martin Krogh - ADEPT


Nermina Zagora, Dina Šamić - FIRMA


Studio Frank Havermans

Can Cinici - Cinici Architects


Thanks to Saša Radenovic

Sarajevo, 2015