photo René de Wit


extended until medio March 2018!
Zuidmuur Schunck* Glaspaleis, Heerlen

We are pleased to announce that the exhibition period of the installation KAPKAR/ ZM-S*B3-JH at Schunck* is extended until medio March 2018, due of the success of its appearance and impact.

Never before has the exterior of SCHUNCK* Glaspaleis undergone quite so a radical metamorphosis. Artist Frank Havermans (b.Breda, 1967) was set the challenge and he has designed a work of art to adorn for its south-facing facade.

Havermans has designed and made an architectural intervention. The artwork KAPKAR/ ZM-S*B3-JH is a construction that clings to Schunck* Glass Palace. In this work, Havermans unites the imagery of industrial architecture associated with the history of mining with the future image of robotics.

The work has cautiously clamped itself with its long robot arms amazingly light around the building because it is not allowed to actually fasten itself to the modernistic monument. It does not touch the ground because it does not want to occupy a ground space itself. It’s united for several months with the heart of the centre of Heerlen, once one of the most thriving cities in The Netherlands caused by the mining industry.

With the work, Havermans catalyses the thought of urban identity and visualizes an interlayer about history and future. The map of shaft tower 3 from the disappeared industrial mining architecture of Heerlen is used as a base and is processed upside down in the installation. The wheel located at the top of the shaft is omitted. This wheel would have hung at the bottom of the installation. With this deliberate elimination that would keep a historical movement in motion, the installation ends at seven meters above the street surface. It is a moment that points downwards to the Heerlen mining history which lies underground and the urban area that is continuously used and built, from where the changes take place. The visual resonance towards the ruthless disappearance of the industrial architecture which is still a part of the collective memory and the impact of a future innovative visual language provides mental space for the values ​​of thinking about the architecture of the city and the potential of its appearance.

August 18 - November 12, 2017

> extended until medio March 2018

KAPKAR/ ZM-S*B3-JH: design by Frank Havermans, manufactured by Frank Havermans and Koos Schaart Adventures: Koos Schaart, Koen van Oort, Niek. And Floor van Dijk, Robert Richter.

Invited by Lene ter Haar

Schunck* team: Lene ter Haar, Floor van Dijk, Fabian de Kloe

This project is made possible by: The Mondrian Fund, BPD Cultuurfonds, Schunck*

photo credits © René de Wit

PREVIEW: KAPKAR / Zuidmuur & KAPKARTOFUD # Noordvitrine /// Frank Havermans in Heerlen from SCHUNCK* communicatie on Vimeo.

photo René de Wit

photo René de Wit

photo René de Wit

photo René de Wit

photo René de Wit

photo René de Wit

measuring at Schunck*

photo René de Wit

construction with Koos Schaart

Construction Model

model KAPKAR / ZM-SB3-JH

detail model KAPKAR / ZM-SB3-JH