aerial view of the building: former SFB Head Office and KAPKAR/ GTO-B10



Save the date for the grand opening 28 June 2019 - duration until 3 November, 2019

A new art event, PLAY STATION SLOTERDIJK, opens for the first time on 28 June 2019, around Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station. The event features site-specific works in public space that have been developed especially for this event by both established and up-and-coming artists. The artworks will offer a fresh and surprising perspective on the neighbourhood. Various related activities will take place throughout the summer, including guided tours.

Through experimentation, speculation and imagination, PLAY STATION SLOTERDIJK investigates Sloterdijk’s future as a new quarter of the city. The art route takes human playfulness as its theme, tracing it through the entire programme. Play forms the foundation of our development as humans, after all, as well as our joint shaping of society.




Artist Frank Havermans is an experimental architectural designer. He is fascinated by the way cities develop in an ongoing alternation of construction and destruction. Havermans builds constructions that are defined in relation to their place and that can be interpreted as proposals for change.

At Sloterdijk, he was intrigued by the former SFB Head Office – the current APG building on the Basisweg – a robust and closed building that dates from the 1970s. As unobtrusive as it is at ground level, it becomes special when seen from the sky, when the ring-shaped floor plan catches the eye. Striking, in the words of Havermans, because “the modernist constraints of rectitude” are rarely broken in a business environment like this. He took the floor plan of the building – currently being renovated by Edge Technologies – as the starting point for KAPKAR / GTO-B10. Isolated and folded fragments of the floor plan determined the shape of the artwork. The ambiguous nature of Sloterdijk was also a guideline. Because although the current public space is in fact a grey traffic-hub of a place, the hard infrastructural character of this landscape nevertheless has its own charm. Frank Havermans wanted to connect to this with a work of art that, in his radical scaling down, wants to be an intermediary in this phase of change.

KAPKAR / GTO-B10 offers an opportunity to think over, to muse or have lunch. With its alienating appearance, reminiscent of a temporarily landed research surveyor, it offers a different perspective on the environment. After the renovation of the APG building, it would fit perfectly on the roof.

Commissoned bij EDGE Technologies, APG, ABP, Alliander

PLAY STATION SLOTERDIJK is a project of GET LOST and made possible through the generous support of City of Amsterdam

photo former SFB building by architect Arnold Oyevaar, photo ArchitectenCie

aerial view of the roof

outline plan building

2D section

2D section with construction map

2D section folded upwards to 3D construction KAPKAR / GTO-B10

KAPKAR / GTO-B10 leaving the roof

KAPKAR / GTO-B10 landing on the surface of the city


Construction Model

sketch model KAPKAR / GTO-B10 | Studio Frank Havermans

sketch model KAPKAR / GTO-B10 | Studio Frank Havermans

sketch model KAPKAR / GTO-B10 | Studio Frank Havermans

sketch model KAPKAR / GTO-B10 | Studio Frank Havermans