Intimate Stories on Absence Zuidas AIR

TOFUD # Amsterdam Zuidas in Intimate Stories on Abscence

To what extend can artistic practice bring about new notions on urban planning…?

Onomatopee 11, Private Property, dealt with the promise of Strijp S as creative city from a bottom-up perspective.

Zuidas AIR brings about similar urgencies and capacities.

In the aftermath of a one year AIR program, artists Tom Tlalim (II/NL) Lieven De Boeck (BE), Frank Havermans(NL), Shinji Otani (JP) and Sachi Miyachi (JP) brought about new perspectives on the Amsterdam Zuidas area; an enormous urban project. The outcome is displayed in an exhibit; further considerations are highlighted in a publication.
Onomatopee shared the urgency of this project and the perspectives brought about. The layers available, research, presentation and publication, match Onomatopee processes.

Graphic Design: Remco van Bladel and Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen

Text: Stan Majoor

Editing: Meinke Horn/Virtueel Museum Zuidas AIR

Advise: Freek Lomme

Produced by: Virtueel Museum Zuidas AIR

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