INFRA | 临时工作室
solo exhibition GCA Chongqing
Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqing, China

‘INFRA’ | 临时工作室

​Opening October 22, 2017

solo exhibition at The Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art

22 October - 3 December 2017

drawings, models, installation, photography, mural

produced by Huang Zhonghua - Yang Shu, art director - Li Li, curator

艺术家弗兰克·哈弗曼斯(Frank Havermans)的创作思路非常清晰,他的作品几乎都由两个名称加编号命名:从建筑概念出发设计的KAPKAR和从城市化角度出发思考创作的TOFUD。用材也相对简单:以木料和建筑金属为主。他创作作品会先进行大量的调研,因地制宜而做,所以部分作品被永久的保留在当地。从重庆这座城市出发,我们选择的大部分作品是艺术家创作的TOFUD项目,其中部分作品是将重庆作为研究对象或在重庆制作完成的,都是在地的研究和创作,正是因此,我们将展览的中文标题定为《临时工作室》,以指向艺术家在地工作的方式。

Especially for this exhibition Frank Havermans has made the futuristic installation ‘TOFUD#GCA-CQ-6FC’. Six black urban models float through the space of GCA. Next to this big universe hangs ‘TOFUD#Chongqing-BB2’, which Havermans created in Chongqing in 2016. It is based on the relationship between Chongqing’s unique type of laborers ‘Bangbang’ (professional porters in Chongqing who use bamboo sticks as tools for their work) and the city Chongqing. The signature bamboo (or wooden) stick held on the bangbang’s shoulder is transformed by Havermans into something with a different look – one with a cross-shaped cross section. While the city is expanding at an extremely rapid speed, bangbang men are disappearing from the urban scene at a similarly rapid speed. Havermans’s stick is not round-shaped – it has edges and corers. One could imagine that it must be very painful to use Havermans’s stick to carry any heavy parcels, similar to the ways part of the population have been struggling painstakingly to adapt to the ever-faster pace of the modern day. There is an object suspending from the stick by a thin wooden stick; it looks like a black rock that’s cut into pieces, then re-assembled into a futuristic-looking object; this object actually stands for the ‘Mountain City’ Chongqing, which suspends in a seemingly dangerous manner in midair. The tension and stress that faces the entire city of Chongqing is thus expressed subtly.

Other more two-dimensional works, for example this huge drawing on the wall is named ‘INFRA # habor 1’. It is a unique combination of manmade landscape: the huge black shadow is the plans of various seaports in the world; these plans are layered on top of each other by the artist disregarding their geographical locations, therefore the shadow looks quite unfamiliar to our eyes. Seaports as three-dimensional existences are converted into two-dimensional objects on this drawing. The shapes stand out as bizarre and the composition of the drawing is highly disproportionate – it jumps at the audience in the exhibition room. From an overlooking perspective, the artist shows us – the Creators – what our needs have given birth to in an unusual way. These ports come into being through land reclamation, which is a direct reflection of how humans have been developing and expanding their cities. There is another group of mixed media drawings, which are selections from the year of 1995 (when Havermans initially started drawing) till the present day. Apart from two-dimensional elements, layers can be added to the drawings too– one layer of putty, two layers of putty, one layer of ink, two layers of ink… Similar to the expansion of cities, these expansions and layering may or may not carry on with a sense of direction.

Every work contains a large amount of information and delicate details that are worth pondering on; the materials he uses and the shapes he adopts are metaphors; behind their clean and simple looks hides their complex relationships with the society and with the human desires. We hope that through this exhibition, our audience will learn about the methods and works of Frank Havermans, and also see how the artist’s is constantly reflecting and practicing in his art creation.

Li Li

TOFUD #GCA- CQ- 6FC photo credits: Wen Wei







drawings | installation

installation | projection

mural INFRA # Harbor 1 13,3 m x 3,50 m

drawings selection 1999-2015

TOFUD#Chongqing-BB2 2016

TOFUD#Chongqing-BB2/3 photography 60 x 90 cm photo credits Carlo Antonicelli

TOFUD#Chongqing-BB2/1 TOFUD#Chongqing-BB2/2 TOFUD#Chongqing-BB2/4 photography 90 x 60 cm photo credits Carlo Antonicelli

TOFUD#Shenzhen B10 model#1 TOFUD#Shenzhen B10 model#3 photography 44 x 65 cm photo credits Thomas Adebahr

TOFUD#Shezhen B10 model#3 Hong Kong photography 70 x 52 cm photo credits Louise Wan Sze Lo

opening INFRA on 22 October 2017

speech opening INFRA by curator Li Li on her right Bau Lei photo credits: Wen Wei

speech opening INFRA by Frank left Art director Yang Shu

speech opening INFRA by Thomas Falkenhagen, Deputy Consul General - Consulate General of The Netherlands in Chongqing

autograph on poster by producer Huang Zhonghua

autograph visitor


photo credits: Wen Wei

drawings and enthusiastic visitors

photo credits: Wen Wei

videos mural and drawings

visitors viewing the videos | photo credits Wen Wei

projection and mural


Construction Model

photo credits: Wen Wei

photo credits: Wen Wei

photo credits: Wen Wei

photo credits: Wen Wei

photo credits: Wen Wei

photo credits: Wen Wei