Hello Wood 2014
architectural experiments
International (Architectural Experiments) Workshop, Csorompuszta, HU

July 19 - 27 2014

Theme 2014 ‘BALANCE’

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‘I had a really great week at the Hello Wood summer camp in Csórompusztán Hungary. Together with seven talented young people I worked on designing and making an installation in only six days: Dorina Oszetzky, Dóra Medveczky, Ayelen Peressin, Maxim Sas, Alex Rieveley, Marci Kömüves and Silviu Medesan. Long days of working and long night of partying. We made an exciting structure based on local rural architecture and engineering, but gave it a new meaning in a contemporary way.’

Workshops by:

András Cseh (HU) & Jelena Pejkovic (SRB)

Akos Juhász (HU) & Piers Taylor (UK) & Dániel Eke (HU)

Bence Pap (AU) & Oliver Sales (UK)

Biayna Bogosian (USA)

Blokk & Spora Architects (HU)

Elias Lindhoff (DK) & Sebastian Mardi (DK)

Enrique Soriano (ES) & Pep Tornabell [Coda]

Frank Havermans (NL)

Jakub Majewski & Lukasz Pastuszka (PL) [Miralles-Tagliabue EMBT]

Suzana Milinovic & Rufus van den Ban (NL) [TU-Delft]

Architecture Uncomforable Workshop (HU)

Special Guest: Benedetta Tagliabue [Miralles-Tagliabue EMBT]

Resident artist: Scaba Hatvany (HU)

Hello Wood 2014 - Play with Balance from Hello Wood on Vimeo.