Landslide Possible Futures
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This richly illustrated collection of critical theory and artists’ projects documents a monumental public exhibition that explores the changing nature of cities and suburbs. Focusing on Markham, Ontario, one of the oldest, most culturally diverse and fastest growing suburbs in North America, 30 artists from Canada and around the world explore themes of multiculturalism, sustainability, and community with site-specific projects created on the grounds of the historic 25-acre open-air Markham Museum. The museum’s 80,000 historical artifacts, including 30 pioneer buildings, make it a fascinating backdrop for artists to explore some of today’s most pressing issues: how to balance ecology and economy, farming and development, and history and diversity. Working with everything from digitized diaries, 3D projections and augmented reality, the artists propose new histories and new futures for the use of land. Featuring dozens of colour plates, the book brings together artists, urban planners, ecologists, educators, and civic leaders in a unique community engagement initiative that examines the past and imagines the future.

Publication Date: May 2015
Flexibound, 248 pages, 10.5 x 8
Illustrated throughout in full colour
ISBN: 978-0-921344-54-4
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Edited by Janine Marchessault, Chloë Brushwood Rose, Jennifer Foster, and Aleksandra Kaminska

A limited-edition exhibition catalogue of the Land|Slide: Possible Futures exhibition, which took place at the Markham Museum and Heritage Village in Markham, Ontario in 2013. The catalogue includes a curatorial statement by Janine Marchessault, essays, and documentation of the over 30+ artist projects, including artist statements.

Reviewed in Hyperallergic and Public Art Review (Fall/Winter 2015.


Iain Baxter& | Andrew Bieler and Heather Rigby | Blue Republic | Angel Chen | Aron Louis Cohen | Dave Colangelo and Patricio Davila | Christine Davis | Department of Unusual Certainties | Duke and Battersby | Caitlin Fisher, Tony Vieira, and Tristan Prescott | Ken Gregory | David Han | Frank Havermans | Philip Hoffman | Mark-David Hosale | Terrance Houle | Maria Hupfield | Adrian Blackwell and Jane Hutton | Ali Kazimi | David Kidman | L+ | Deirdre Logue | Glynis Logue | Marman and Borins | Allyson Mitchell | MMM: Lisa Myers, Sean Martindale, and Yvan MacKinnon | Lisa Myers and Richard Fung | Julie Nagam | Skyhill Collective | David Harris Smith | Laura St. Pierre | Jennie Suddick | Xu Tan | Jeff Thomas | TIMEANDDESIRE | Tongue & Groove | Camille Turner


  • Janine Marchessault, Going Public: Art, Urbanism, and Civic Engagement in the Twenty-First Century
  • Shelley Hornstein, Dirt is Not a Dirty Word
  • Chloë Brushwood Rose, The Intimate Relations of Sustainability: Pedagogical Encounters and Subjective Ecologies
  • Jennifer Foster, Unhooking Sustainability Discourse Through Art: Presence, Displacement, and the Cultural Politics of Representation
  • Julie Nagam, The Occupation of Space: Creatively Transforming Indigenous Living Histories in Urban Spaces
  • Aleksandra Kaminska and Janine Marchessault, Real and Virtual Histories of Past and Future in the Heritage Village
  • Yan Wu, Land|Slide: Possible Futures at the 5th Shenzen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture
  • contribution KAPKAR / 4P-CL8 urban virus installation - spread 1

    contribution KAPKAR / 4P-CL8 urban virus installation - spread 2