The Imagined Future Is Not The Future | exhibition OCT-LOFT Creative Festival 2017 | OCT-LOFT, Shenzhen, China


About Studio Frank Havermans

Frank Havermans’ studio for Architectural art, Design and Urban Space is founded in 1999. He is an artist/designer who develops and makes strategic site specific interventions that can be considered as proposals for urban change. He’s using the whole architectural spectrum for his experimental installations, from buildings to autonomous installations and from furniture to urban think models.

His work derives from a combined fascination for architec­ture, urban dynamics, constructions, gravity and tangibility and can be understood as structures through which human body can relate to the outside world while still staying secure within their own environment. His architectural innovations always provoke the use around them. Objects are useful but never are accommodating. Luxury is avoided. He works on self initiated projects as well in commission. In a world where everything is about efficiency, speed and standardization, Havermans is giving different, tailor made and innovative solutions with a strong imagination.